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No Boyz Aloud

pr0n and slash fiction ftw

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We are the kings of slash fanfiction (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison [Ringo pending], dontcha know). With our powers combined, we are jesus h. christ. Or Ursula the Sea Witch.


This community is members-only, and is actually the collective writing journal of magicaltrevor, banburytale (stagolicious) and lillizilla. So it doesn't make sense for anyone else to join. Sorry. :P You can watch us if you want to keep updated on our writings, though. That would be fine.

Oh, yeah, if slash (usually male/male relationships and smex) isn't your thing, you probably won't want to hang out here very much. And if sex isn't your thing, you probably don't want to hang around here either (though ratings for fics and everything will be posted). Also, we can kill you with our brains. :D