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1/17/07 12:49 am - magicaltrevor - Fic: The Other Side

Title: The Other Side
Authors: banburytale, lillizilla, and magicaltrevor
Pairing: J/P
Word Count: 6,295
Rating: R
Summary: It's 1965. John is feeling lonely; Paul pays him a visit.
Warnings: Smexy. Slightly angsty. Really slashy. And proud of it.
Disclaimer: The guys are not ours. We so totally made this up. Unfortunately.
Author's Note: We haven't written in a while, and for that we apologize. We were traumatized by WHA's leaving us, haha. But we were visited by the John And Paul Faerie and everything is okay now! :D But seriously, it's good to be back, and we hope you guys enjoy.

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